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Wir haben im Frühjahr 2019 aus Verschwörhausmitteln ein Lastenrad https://www.velove.se/Velove Armadillo mit Wechselladefläche und Citycontainer beschafft. Theoretisch wäre ein Upgrade auf die Sattelschleppervariante möglich, Velove hat aber 2020 den Vertrieb der Räder an Endkunden eingestellt.

This page is an effort to document all the reverse-engineering and tweaks we found out and implemented.


  • Rohloff gear oil last changed 2020-05 at 1000 km (first change), Pedaleur
  • City container needs to be recharged every 2–4 weeks. The key fob receiver draws power continuously

Hardware and Keys

The city container uses standard Southco latches and locks that can be re-used in DIY containers:

  • manual container lock: Southco type. Cave: this is a standard key that can easily be sourced as a spare part. Do not leave valuables in the container unguarded over night
  • latching mechanism to couple the container to the bike: R4-50 rotary latch with 17.2 mm retaining bolt. The lock is released with a push-rod that is actuated by a lockable push-button at the side. This push-button also uses a standard key
  • RF lock for container door: EA-R02 remote locking system, the key fobs are part #EA-R02-102. Replacement keyfobs can be enrolled through a switch on the lock electronics.

DIY pallet flatbed

TODO documentation

DIY bike carrier

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